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Salt Water Motorcycle Bike, Salt water powered engine, no need for batteries


Salt Water Motorcycle Bike

  • Have fun with your children whilst educating them
  • Salt water powered engine, no need for batteries
  • Environmentally friendly with no toxic substances or chemicals used
  • Great fun home science project for you and your children
  • Makes an exciting gift for car or science lovers

Product Description

The Salt Water Fuel Cell Motorcycle Kit is the newest edition to growing line of salt water fuel-cell kits. Equipped with cams and swing arms, the multiple variations allows for full throttle excitement: powerful Straight runs, Right or Left circling, and radical ''S'' turns. Children will be awed by the remarkable simplicity and effectiveness of the toy. After activating the fuel cell module with a saltwater mixture, the magnesium metal sheet can operate the motorcycle for about 5-7 hours continuously. Environmentally safe, non-toxic, and clean. The salt water fuel cell motorcycle is the smallest, cheapest and the first motorcycle to be powered by saltwater. Your child is just a few drops of salt water away from discovering the magic of this new form of clean energy and embracing a concept that will have some of Gotham's most dangerous vigilantes marvel in amazement.

Product Information

Technical Details
Item Weight 240 g
Product Dimensions 21.8 x 18.2 x 7.4 cm
Manufacturer reference TS0196
Assembly Required No
Batteries Included? No
Material Type(s) Metal

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