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ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA | Japanese vitality matcha tea | Finest vibrant green p


ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA | Japanese vitality matcha tea | Finest vibrant green powder | Organic | Natural & Vegan | Tea Masters choice.

  • 100% GRADE A CEREMONIAL JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA - totally natural matcha tea and sourced from a small family owned tea farm in the Kyoto region. Best quality and the Tea Masters choice.. Known for selling the most superior matcha green tea across the world.
  • BOOST METABOLISM - Ceremonial matcha green tea is known to promote fat catabolism, increase thermogenisis and speed up metabolism. Need we say more? A workout in a mug!
  • ORGANIC SUPERFOOD & SUPER HEALTHY - Organic ceremonial grade making this the finest Matcha tea of them all. This product is certified organic by the Soil Association so is free from pesticides and totally natural. Furthermore it is picked from the youngest sweetest leaves at the tip of the green tea plant for a smoother more superior flavour. It's also packaged in an airtight sealed tin for even better freshness and superior quality.
  • ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE - with 137 times more antioxidants than normal green tea, 70 times more than oranges, 17 times more than blueberries and 9 times more than spinach. Known for high levels antioxidant ECGC... Organic matcha green tea powder is a nutritional must for your daily routine.
  • BOOST ENERGY & FOCUS - Slow release caffeine due to L-Theanine means sustained energy, increased focus and no big caffeine crash (unlike coffee). We say take the challenge & replace a coffee a day and you'll notice the difference with Matcha Energy!

Product Description

Here at Kineta we believe ceremonial grade Matcha green tea powder is awesome. Many of us know that Green tea is great for you. Bold TextNEWSFLASH... Organic matcha tea is 10x better for you! With Matcha green tea powder you consume the whole leaf so you get the full nutritional benefit of the green stuff. Our Matcha green tea is superior in quality and taste. The product is: - 100% natural and contains no additives or preservatives. - Packaged in a sealed airtight tin for total freshness. - Ceremonial grade - so the best you can get. - 100% Japanese origin from family run tea farm - Organic and approved by the Soil association and JAS Organic - Fat free and sugar free with just 3 calories per serving Studies performed on Matcha green tea have highlighted some exceptional benefits from consuming this product including: - HIGH ANTIOXIDANTS: Ceremonial Japanese Matcha tea powder contains a phenomenal 137 times more antioxidants than standard Chinese Green Tea. - BOOST FOCUS: Matcha green tea has more L-theanine than any other type of green tea. L-theanine is an amino acid that helps boost mental focus, energy, mood and is calming. - BOOST METABOLISM: Known in the health and fitness circles for its ability to boost fat burning and thermogenesis. - BOOST MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION: Buddhist monks used Matcha during meditation to increase focus and concentration. The L-Theanine in Matcha also helps to produce serotonin and dopamine both of which support concentration. - BOOST ENERGY: Sustained energy for 3-6 hours due to the unique blend of nutrients in this powerhouse drink! Good clean energy. Our ceremonial vitality Matcha green tea powder is absolutely wonderful when drunk all by itself. It's crisp vegetative notes are complimented by the savory taste of the L-Theanine amino acid making this Matcha a tea that is truly unique in every way. Boost life with Vitality Matcha Green Tea - Natures daily boost!

Product Information

Technical Details
Product Dimensions 5.6 x 5.2 x 5 cm
Product Name Matcha Green Tea
Ingredients 100% Organic Grade A Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder. The Tea Masters choice when it comes to quality.
Safety Warning Contains caffeine approx 34mg per serving.
Weight 30 Grams
Volume 1.06 fluid_ounces
Storage Instructions Keep Matcha green tea in the fridge
Use By Recommendation Daily.
Directions Take 0.5-1 tsp of Matcha Green Tea and blend with water. Add agave syrup or honey to sweeten for those who have a sweeter tooth. Being the finest grade a little amount is all you need to pack a good nutritional punch.
Country of origin Japan
Location Produced In Japan
Country of origin of primary ingredient(s) Japan
Brand Kineta
Cuisine Japanese
Format Ground
Speciality Gluten Free, Fat Free, Suitable for Vegans, Dairy Free
Caffeine content Caffeinated
Manufacturer/Producer CuriosiTea
Serving Size 1 Grams, 30 Grams, 30 Grams
Energy (kJ) 12.00 kJ
Energy (kcal) 2.868 kcal
Fat 0.05 Grams
of which:
- Saturates 0.007 Grams
- Mono-unsaturates 0.003 Grams
- Poly-unsaturates 0.02 Grams
Carbohydrate 0.4 Grams
Fibre 0.4 Grams
Protein 0.3 Grams
Sodium 0.006 milligrams
Vitamin A 29.00 milligrams
Vitamin C 0.5 milligrams (0.62% NRV)
Potassium 27.00 milligrams (1.35% NRV)
Phosphorus 3.6 milligrams (0.51% NRV)
Iron 0.2 milligrams (1.43% NRV)

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