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Orchard Toys Magic Cauldron. A fun way to practise addition and subtraction


Orchard Toys Magic Cauldron

  • Award -winning game
  • A fun way to practise addition and subtraction
  • Rub the heat-sensitive 'ghost' patches to reveal the hidden answers
  • Suitable for ages 5 to 8
  • Make maths fun with this colourful, clever game

Product Description

Package Quantity:1  |  Style Name:Original Packaging

Product Description

There are two versions of this magical, award winning game, which is designed to help children with basic maths skills in a fun way. In both versions, each player takes a cauldron board. The idea of the game is to be the first to fill your cauldron with enough magic ingredients to make a spell. In one version, the small spell ingredients cards are shuffled and placed picture side up in a pile. The bigger sum cards are spread face upwards on the table. The first player picks up an ingredient card and looks at the number on the reverse. They then have to search the sum cards for a sum which they think gives the same answer as the number on the small card. They can then rub the magic black ghost on the back of the sum card to see if it reveals the same number as that on the small card. If the numbers match, the player can add the small card, picture side up, to their cauldron. If the numbers don't match, the small card is returned to the bottom of the pile and the sum card is returned to the table. Play continues until one player has filled their cauldron with ten ingredient cards. The alternative version of the game is played in the same way, but the sum cards are placed in a pile, face up, while the small ingredient cards are spread, picture side down on the table. Players have to find the small card that correctly answers the sum they have picked from the pile, and rub the magic black ghost on the back of the sum card to check their answer. Children love the novelty of rubbing the magic ghost to reveal the answers, while learning to do simple addition, subtraction and multiplication sums. The game is made from durable thick card, which will withstand pleanty of handling.

Manufacturer's Description

Make maths fun with this award winning game from UK Manufacturer, Orchard Toys. 'Magic Cauldron' is an exciting and fun way for children to learn about adding and subtraction. With two different ways to play the game, and links to National Curriculum Key Stages 1 and 2 maths, 'Magic Cauldron' is a great way to support your child's learning whilst having fun. Bubbling cauldrons are filled with weird and wacky ingredients as the sums are solved. Begin the game by picking up an answer card and then find the sum to match it. Check to see if you're correct by rubbing the heat sensitive 'ghost' patch on the back of the sum card to reveal. If you're right, you can keep the magic ingredient in your cauldron. If you need to try again, put the ingredient back and wait for your next go. Suitable for children aged 5-9 years, it's a game which can be enjoyed by up to four players.

Orchard Toys Ltd is a well-established UK company who have been designing and manufacturing children's board games and jigsaws for over 30 years. Rigorously tested in schools and nurseries and made from durable recycled cardboard, every Orchard Toys product is designed to encourage children to communicate, share and play together. With full compliance to Child Safety Standards, Orchard Toys Ltd prides itself on producing high quality, good value educational products to be enjoyed by children for generations to come.

Product Information

Package Quantity: 1 | Style Name: Original Packaging
Technical Details
Brand Orchard Toys
Model Number ORCH035
Item Weight 481 g
Product Dimensions 25 x 9 x 19 cm

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