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Neudorff 1L Organic Tomato Feed. Nutrient combination with emphasis on potassium


Neudorff 1L Organic Tomato Feed

  • Liquid concentrate for high quality, full flavoured tomatoes.
  • Nutrient combination with emphasis on potassium for healthy, tasty tomatoes. Child & pet safe.
  • Derived from organic products & the natural fermentation by-product of processing sugar beet with outstanding fertiliser properties.
  • For use between June & August.
  • 1 Litre bottle makes up to 100 litres of feed.

Product Description

Product Description

Dear reader, we want to disturb nature’s perfect harmony as little as possible. This is why we have been developing environmentally friendly products for the home and garden since 1854. It was then that the W. Neudorff Company was founded in what used to be Prussia. The company was one of the first in Germany to manufacture pesticides and animal care products. In 1959 my grandfather, Rudolf Lohmann, bought the company and brought it to Emmerthal in Lower Saxony. Since then, our aim has been to minimise our impact on the environment. We achieve this through the use of renewable energy in our production plants and the selection of only the most sustainable raw materials for our products. This means that you can enjoy creating a beautiful, natural garden with a clear conscience. By maintaining this natural cycle in your garden you ensure that beneficial insects, birds, hedgehogs and other garden dwellers feel at home as well. And in doing so you are working in harmony with the green paradise on your doorstep. I hope you have a great gardening season and enjoy the benefits of a natural garden. Yours, Hans-Martin Lohmann (Managing Director - Neudorff). Plants, like humans and animals, require food for healthy development. In the natural world, the organic cycle makes sure that there are always plenty of nutrients available. This is because leaves and other organic material rot down and are converted into plant nutrients. However, when dead plants are cleared out of the garden, the natural cycle is interrupted which is why we must restore the natural balance. Specific fertilisers for specific plants. Different plants have different needs. Roses, for example, need phosphorous to produce flowers whereas tomatoes and other types of vegetable require plenty of potassium in order for the fruit to develop full flavour and yield. And for this reason, there are specific fertilisers such as Organic Rose & Shrub Food and Organic Tomato & Vegetable Food. The nutrients in these fertilisers are specifically formulated to meet the needs of different plants. Neudorff fertilisers are special by caring for your plants with Neudorff fertilisers you are providing them with something special for the following reasons: • The fertilisers are organic • They are manufactured from natural raw materials • They contain MyccoVital with microorganisms to vitalise the soil • They take effect immediately and remain active for several weeks • They increase humus content in the soil • They are completely safe for humans, animals and the environment, organic fertilisers do good things. We only use organic raw materials in our fertiliser which means they are completely free of mineral salts. This means that when used properly it is impossible to burn leaves and the risk of nutrients leaching is extremely low. This is due to the nutrients contained in the fertilisers being optimised into a usable form by selected microorganisms that have been added to the products. "Those who use organic fertilisers automatically provide their plants with everything they need", says Birgit Schäfer, experimental engineer for fertilisers and soil. "When it is cold and dry, plants do not grow very much, therefore only a small amount of nutrients are activated.’’ Conversely, when the weather is hot and humid, the microorganisms work rapidly and provide a high level of nutrients for the plants. By doing this, the microorganisms automatically ensure that the plants always receive just the right amount of nutrients that they need. To quote Schäfer “The microorganisms also ensure that a diverse range of life settles in the soil. This counteracts an unequal spread of pathogens in the soil as well as soil fatigue.’’ Improved plant growth through MyccoVital. We mix MyccoVital into all our special fertilisers. Through this mixture of various beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and microorganisms your plants grow more evenly and are able to better survive periods of drought or frost. "MyccoVital is composed of different beneficial fungi that naturally occur in the soil", says Dr. Hans-Joachim Noll, microbiologist at Neudorff. "They live in a symbiosis with the plant roots. Which is to say; they penetrate the tips of the roots but do not harm them in any way. They receive sugar from the plants which the plants do not need and in return supply them with nutrients and water. This results in the plants being less vulnerable to drought because this "glove" provides a better supply."

Box Contains

1 x The Product Description.

Product details

  • Boxed-product Weight: 1.4 Kg


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