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Method Glass Cleaner - Mint. Ammonia-free, with a corn based solvent that eli...

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Method Glass Cleaner - Mint

For a streak free shine. enjoy the view 

You would think that streak-free cleaning of windows glass and mirrors would be enough but for some reason, people insist on glass cleaners being blue. The mint scent was a Method idea. Soon, glass cleaners will have to be both blue and minty. Just remember who thought of it first.

"Clean" should smell more like mint than ammonia. So go ahead, clean another window while you're at it. It's like giving your home a spa treatment.

  • Ammonia-free, with a corn based solvent that eliminates dirt, dust and pesky hand prints
  • No streaks or chemical stain
  • Plant-based powergreen™ technology

We can’t promise you sunshine or clear skies. But we can promise you Method Glass cleaner will give you clean, streak-free windows, glass and mirrors. So when the sun shines, you will definitely see it.

Method bottles are recyclable. Please don't send them to the landfills - recycle after use.

Size: 828ml

Method Window & Glass Cleaner - Ingredients
Corn alcohol, naturally derived surfactant, biodegradable solvent, fragrance oil blend, colour, purified water.

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