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Flavoured Condoms - Mission: Great Sex! | Ultimate FLAVOURED Condom Sampler - GL


Flavoured Condoms - Mission: Great Sex! | Ultimate FLAVOURED Condom Sampler - GLYDE Condoms (organic condom condoms) / ONE Condoms - Condom Variety Pack / Flavored Condoms

  • Top-Rated International Condom Assortment Based On Mission: Great Sex! Lucky Bloke's Global Condom Review.
  • 12 Condoms Selected By Panel of Over 1100 Participants in 21 Countries.
  • 97% of all participants stated they were introduced to brands they'd never heard - which led to them finding their favorite condom!
  • Proving once a condom user is matched with their perfect condom, they experience a dramatically improved relationship to condoms - and much hotter sex.
  • Samplers May Vary Slightly From Photos to Offer Larger Range of Top-Rated Condoms. Purchase Additional Samplers to Receive More Variety! / Ships From USA

Product Description

Lucky Bloke offers the perfect introduction to the very best FLAVOURED, premium latex condoms available. Now you don't have to choose between ONE's tasty desserts and GLYDE's luscious organic goodness.  (This FLAVORED CONDOM sampler is offered with 6 medium/standard size premium condoms.) NOTE: for every QTY +1 ordered, you'll receive 6 condoms. Order additional 6-packs for greater variety!! ~ Quickly & Discreetly Ships from USA ~ The Question: Better Sex with Condoms? The Answer: Absolutely! THE PROOF Mission: Great Sex! ~ Lucky Bloke's Global Condom Review & Safe Sex Initiative with over 1,100 participants in 21 countries. THE GOAL To bust widely held condom myths once and for all. THE OVERVIEW Lucky Bloke sent out the call: seeking men and women - internationally - in every possible demographic to participate in testing and reviewing the world's best condoms. Our initiative intended to be the most comprehensive condom review ever conducted. And it was! DON'T YOU DESERVE GREAT SEX WITH CONDOMS? OF COURSE YOU DO! We've done the work...now go and have fun. Whatever Your Adventure, We've Got You Covered!

Product Information

Safety Warning This condom sampler features latex condoms and should not be used by those will latex allergies or sensitivities. If you require a non-latex (or latex free) alternatives, please contact us to discuss other options!

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