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Face Painting Kit - Nontoxic And Irritation-Free - Paint Flags, Superheroes, Ani


Face Painting Kit - Nontoxic And Irritation-Free - Paint Flags, Superheroes, Animals - Fun For Adults, Kids, And Children

  • Have children create their own designs and ideas when painting faces. Enjoyable for the whole family or group of friends at a birthday party. Use a stencil to celebrate your sport's teams game win with flag colours on your face, look like your favourite superhero such as spiderman, hulk, or iron man, or disguise yourself as a scary animal like a tiger! Fun for adults and children alike.
  • This face paint kit has nontoxic and irritation-free paints that . The set has been made according to strict professional standards ensuring levels of dangerous allergens are well within limits - this keeps your child's skin safe when using the face painting kit.
  • Stick with quality: The paint pastes are in individual pots and require just a little water for application. A little goes a long way for smooth even coverage ensuring many fun and memories will be made with each time you use the kit.
  • Each set come in a self contained case including a 6 paint paste palette and a double-headed sustainable birchwood brush. Colours include white, black, brown, red, yellow, blue. The case snaps shut to ensure that all of the parts arrive to you in a brand new condition and will stay that way, meaning that when you need to paint faces, you save time by not having to find individual parts.
  • Once finished with play time, the water-soluble paints wash off easily. Simply use a makeup cleanser/non-irritating soap and warm water to clean painted faces. Your kids will have a normal clean fresh face in no time ensuring that their clothes or furniture does not get stained with paint - resulting in costly cleaning bills.

Product Description

Do You Want Fun With Face Painting? Do You Want The Paints To Be Nontoxic And Wash Off Easily?


Then this face painting kit is jut for you.


6 Paint Palette
Mix to make any colour to paint on a child's face. Ideas include animals, superheroes, or flags.


Wash Off Easily
Easy to clean with makeup cleanser or soap.


Smooth And Even
The paints will be used many designs to create fun and memories.


Nontoxic paints keeps skin irritation free for pain free fun.


Removable Pots
Can be taken in and out to create a fun design in less time.


Mix Colours In The Lids
Keep mixed colors separate for more choices to paint fun designs.


Professional Double Headed Brush
Quickly change from painting a base to painting detail - saving you time from from swapping brushes over again.


Rust Free Ferrules
No rust on the brush will save you money in replacements.


Sustainable Birch Wood Handle
Give a natural feel and are environmentally friendly.


Easy To Clean Hair
Made of high quality Japanese nylon to clean easily and quickly in warm water.


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