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Ecover Toilet Cleaner Ocean Waves 750ml. Bottle - Plastic - Widely Recycled; Cap


Ecover Toilet Cleaner Ocean Waves 750ml

  • Produce of the EU
  • EPC N.V., Industrieweg 3, B-2390 Malle.
  • Dispenser
  • - Plastic - Check Local Recycling
  • Full Product Name: Toilet Cleaner Ocean Waves Safety Warning: Caution: Keep out of the reach of ch

Product Description


Our fast-acting gel uses naturally-derived ingredients to tackle unsightly stains without masses of scrubbing and leaves your loo sparkling clean with a gentle fresh fragrance.Get nature on your sideAt Ecover, we have been pioneering green science for over 30 years to get nature on our side and bring you effective cleaning products which use sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients to leave your home clean and fresh.Our famous ecological factories are energy efficient, sustainably built & clean running. So Ecover products have come from our clean, green home to yours.If you were wondering why our products smell so nice, it's because we make the most of what our planet gives us... fresh naturally-derived fragrances.Cleans, decalcifies and freshens, Cleans above and below the rim, Brings your toilet bowl up sparkling bright without those eye-watering chemical smells, UNEP award, Suitable for septic tanksHere at Ecover we craft products which are both powerful and developed in a truly sustainable way, so much so that once used they are reabsorbed into nature. Our approach has been validated by Vinçotte Environment too - that's our Ecover Guarantee.For more info visit:

Product Information

Size: 750ml


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