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EcoForce - Recycled Dish Brush. Made of 86% recycled materials. Built-in scraper


EcoForce - Recycled Dish Brush

Product Description

Size:Pack Of 1


EcoForce manufactures and supplies eco products that work – every day items made from recycled materials. These are “greener”, “more sustainable”, “more environmentally friendly” than the alternatives currently available made from virgin materials. As people make a lot of mess. If you can make something useful from that mess it must be a good thing. So if we can buy something that is “greener”, “more sustainable”, more “environmentally friendly” than the alternative, without compromising on quality or price, then surely there is no choice.

The EcoForce dish brush is made of 86% recycled materials. The dish brush will clean your pots and pans perfectly whilst protecting your hands and nails from detergent and hot water. The built-in scraper will allow you to easily remove baked-on food deposits.


Product Information

Size: Pack Of 1
Brand Eco Force

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