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E-cloth Mop Set. Cleans Using Just Water - No Cleaning Chemicals Needed


E-cloth Mop Set

  • Perfect Cleaning For All Hard Floors, Using Just Water
  • Cleans Using Just Water - No Cleaning Chemicals Needed
  • Removes Grease & Dirt From All Hard Floors
  • Removes Over 99% Of Bacteria Including E. Coli And Listeria

Product Description

Size:Pack Of 1

Product Description

E-cloth Deep Cleaning Mop:- The Mop will give a perfect clean to all hard floors, with just water - including laminate, vinyl, stone, tiles and wood. The Deep Clean Head will leave floors completely clean, without the need for liquid cleaners or chemicals. The weave and long fibres of the Deep Clean Head are designed to break up and hold thick grease and dirt, which ordinary mops leave behind.The fibres absorb water fast and effectively. E-cloth Deep Cleaning Mop:- Telescopic Handle (extendable 1 - 1.8m) 45 x 13.5cm Base with Velcro strips 1 Deep Clean Head with Velcro

Manufacturer's Description

Product description The Deep Clean Mop provides perfect cleaning for all hard floors, using just water. Made from rust-proof, lightweight aluminium with height adjustable, telescopic handle, the Deep Clean Mop removes grease, dirt and bacteria from all types of hard flooring including ceramics, vinyl and stone. It's also ideal for real wood and laminate floors, as very little moisture is left behind after cleaning. Cleaning under kitchen units and furniture is easy thanks to the super-thin base. The removable and machine washable Deep Clean Head attaches to the mop base with Velcro. The Deep Clean Mop has been tested and approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and the pack carries their 2013 approved logo. As no chemicals are required, it is perfect for those with asthma and allergy intolerances and is endorsed by Allergy UK. Simple to use Just remove and wet the Deep Clean Mop Head under a tap, squeeze out excess water and re-attach to the mop base. For best results, mop using a reverse 'S' action with the widest part of the mop base travelling toward you. Remove, rinse and re-attach the head as required. Benefits Floors are left drier spotlessly clean and free from bacteria.;Cleaning with just water is much quicker than slow old chemical cleaning.;Cleaning with water can save you money - no chemicals to buy and the cloths last for ages.;Cleaning with water is better for you and your family - no exposure to harmful chemicals.;Better for the environment - no chemicals to rinse away into rivers and streams.

Product Information

Size: Pack Of 1
Product Name food
Weight 1 Kilograms
Units 1 each
Country of origin United Kingdom
Brand Enviroproducts
Serving Size 100 Grams


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