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Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike. Advanced Kevlar-lined carbon fiber frame


Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike

  • Advanced Kevlar-lined carbon fiber frame
  • Designed by Red Dot awarded design house, Diavelo
  • 25 kilometers per hour maximum assisted speed, 80 kilometers range per charge
  • Feather-weight at less than 20 kgs
  • Hidden and removable Lithium-ion battery

Product Description

Product Description


The Diavelo Zeitgeist X is ideal for exploring and running errands and is an efficient and green way to get around town!  Propelled by a powerful 500W electric pedal-assisted motor, the Zeitgeist X will help you flatten hills and make sure that you arrive in style and wearing a smile.  The beautiful lines of the Zeitgeist X are the result of a collaboration with Danish designer Brian Hoehl, winner of multiple prestigious international industrial design awards. The Zeitgeist X sports an advanced aerodynamic Kevlar-lined carbon fiber frame and fork that provide both structural support and suspension, ensuring a comfortable ride as you power up steep hills and into strong headwinds.  Green and clean, the Zeitgeist X weighs in at less than 20 kilograms and is capable of power-assisted speeds up to 25 kilometers per hour.  Featuring a patented hidden and lockable Lithium-ion battery, the Zeitgeist X can power you up to 80 kilometers on a single charge.  The compact battery can be removed within seconds, making it easy to charge apart from the bike as well as to swap in a spare battery on a longer ride.  A full charge takes less than four hours and the battery pack, fueled by Panasonic cells similar to those found on the Tesla Model S, hardly ever need replacing. The Zeitgeist X features a handlebar-mounted Bluetooth controller that allows you to select your boost setting at one of nine levels and the onboard computer displays battery life, boost settings, distance and speed.  With a full year of successful prototype development and extensive road tests in challenging, real-world situations, you can rest assured that the Zeitgeist X leads the way in style and performance.



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