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Descaler Coffee Machine | 2 x 750ml = 1.5 Liter | liquid limescale remover clean


Descaler Coffee Machine | 2 x 750ml = 1.5 Liter | liquid limescale remover cleaning with eco acids 100% biodegradable compatible with delonghi nespresso tassimo espresso machines water kettle steam iron and more

  • The AmbiClean liquid descaler consists of organic acids that are a 100% naturally degradable. In addition, the descaler contains a red colour indicator that indicates whether the full descaling power is still available.
  • Descale your equipment regularly to save energy! Limescale deposits cause electrical applicances to use up to 30% more power!
  • Easy to use and universally used for fully automated coffee machines, coffee machines, espresso machines, steam irons, steam cleaners, water heaters and other equipment.
  • One bottle is enough for 6 decalcifications. Undiluted, use 125ml per decalcification. Pay attention to the descaling instuctions from your manufacturer.
  • Original AmbiClean - A quality product which is manufactured in Germany. (Made in Germany)

Product Description

AmbiClean natural liquid descaler based on organic acids

The new ecological liquid descaler 100% fulfills the requirements of the current EU recommendations.
With its natural acids it dissolves lime and calcium deposits efficiently and reliably and is 100% biodegradable.
It is easy to use, universally useable and safe at the same time with a safety lock for children.


Use the natural liquid descaler from AmbiClean for all your devices, for example:

• Fully automated coffee machines

• Coffee machines

• Espresso machines

• Water heaters

• Steam cleaning equipment

• Steam irons and steam iron stations

• and more

Product Information

Technical Details
Brand AmbiClean
Item Weight 1.7 Kg
Product Dimensions 24 x 17 x 9 cm
Volume Capacity 1500 ml
Auto Shutoff No



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