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Cleaning Blocks For Shining Bathroom- Remove Effectively Lime Scale & Urine S...


Cleaning Blocks For Shining Bathroom- Remove Effectively Lime Scale & Urine Stains From Toilet- Extra Strong Blocks With Handles- Made Of 100% Glass- Sink-Non-Toxic- Free Of Chemicals- Pack of 3

  • REMONE EVEN THE MOST PERSISTENT STAINS: While other promising cleaning products come out to be a waste of money, these cleaning blocks actually work. By scrapping off even the most stubborn stains, you can remove in seconds lime, rust, mold stains or the toilet ring caused by hard water. You just rub the block over the stains, and within seconds your bathroom will look like new!
  • HARD FOR THE STAINS GENTLE FOR YOUR TOILET: Thanks to it microstructure synthesis, these blocks work like sponges, apart from being way stronger and incomparably more effective. This revolutionary tool will help you make all urine stains disappear without damaging the surface of your toilet. Note also that it works wonders with every kind of toilet, porcelain or ceramic.
  • MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING TOOL: This super practical cleaning block comes with a long handle so that you can clean even the most hard-to-reach stains. Use it to clean the toilet seat, bowl, the bathroom sink, the shower, the bathtub, the toilet outlet or even the countertop. In any case, you will be impressed by the results.
  • ALL NATURAL CLEANER: Unlike most products of the market that are jammed with artificial and rather hazardous toxic ingredients, the cleaning blocks are odorless, free of chemicals and other harmful components that makes it the best choice for you and your family.
  • FRIENDLY FOR YOU & FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: As this is a non-toxic product it is absolutely safe to use even in daily basis if needed. It's not going to irritate your skin like other bathroom cleaning products do! This way it is also environmental and animal friendly, in case you have any pet at home!

Product Description

The Ultimate Solution For A Spotless Bathroom Is Now At Your Disposal!

Have you spent a fortune of promising cleaning products that come out to be just a waste of money?

Not anymore!

Meet The Amazing Cleaning WC Blocks & Make Your Bathroom Look Like New!

Unlike most cleaning products that flood your bathroom with hazardous chemicals, the cleaning blocks do the job better and safer?

How? Thanks to the microstructure glass that they are made of, these bricks will scrap off your bathroom even the most stubborn stains, fast and easy.

Urine, dust, lime, mold stains? Persistent stains from calcium and mineral deposits? Disguising toilet rings?

No problem at all! Just within seconds your bathroom will be crystal clear.

Not All Cleaning Product Are Created Equal!

This innovative cleaning tool is incomparably better than any other cleaner you have used till this day.

• Free Of Chemicals & Non Toxic: No more dangerous products that are harmful for you and your family. Absolutely safe for your children too!
• Antibacterial Glass: Yes, it's true that bacteria or microorganisms cannot survive at the surface of these blocks (Unlike with regular sponges were they grow in tremendous numbers!)
• Odorless: No more strong, repelling, chemical smells at your home!
• Free of Allergens: This product is totally safe and friendly even to the most sensitive skin types. No more red, itchy hands!
• Environmental Friendly: No harmful components for the environment and made with ecological conscious as all materials used are recycled!

Benefit from the high quality of a European Brand and the smart packaging of 3 blocks!

Product Information

Brand Cleanupstore

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