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Amorus® X8 Skateboard Cycle Freerider. Choose the main body of aluminum allo...


Amorus® X8 Skateboard Cycle Freerider

  • 1. Choose the main body of aluminum alloy material support, strong and durable, PU abrasion wheel, suitable for any field, double pedal with sticky cloth, has the more reliable movement security.
  • 2. The appearance of futurism segmentation, style + human body mechanics design principle, concise and fluent movement to enjoy.
  • 3. Perfect for above a 15 year old. Skate cycle is not the easiest thing to learn how to ride. Needs lots of practice to be able to use but seems to be quite addictive.
  • 4. Sturdy, well made and folds down to be carried over shoulder. Really good quality. The body is solid giving confidence that it would never break while in use.
  • 5. To make it clear: this is not a ripstick, you cannot ride it like a ripstick. Whoever loved the snake board will love the skate cycle.


Product Description

Anything more than a couple of degrees uphill will make riding near impossible and quite painful, as maintaining moment.

This skateboard is a self-propelled hubless skateboard that allows for deep carving. It is capable of riding on flat ground or tackling any skatepark. Fold-able design, can sit over your shoulder freeing up your hands when you walk.

Fashionable and high quality self-propelled hubless skateboard
High-strength aluminum alloy hub and environmental ABS frame
Non-slip matte footplate, much safer when using
High-elastic and wear resistant PU wheel, durable for use
With foldable lock for easy carrying, convenient and practical
Capable of riding on flat ground or tackling with any skatepark
Allows gliders do all kinds of tricks in the process of use

Body material: Aluminum alloy
Wheel material: PU
Product color: White, blue, black
Net weight: 3.8kg
Dimensions: 770 x 235 x 50mm
Maximum load: 250kg

Package included:
1 x X8 Skatecycle


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