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AGE DEFY+ BODY BRUSH. Improve skin tone, stimulate circulation and target cel...

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Improve skin tone, stimulate circulation and target cellulite


Product Details

Improve skin tone, stimulate circulation, kick-start your metabolism and help to break down cellulite

The natural hair bristles are perfect for sensitive skin and the handle of the brush is made with FSC sustainable forest certified Beech wood.

How to use

Body brush on dry skin every morning before you shower.  Starting at your ankles, work your way up your legs using gentle, sweeping movements, until you reach the upper thigh.

Then, start brushing the fingertips, working up the arms, to the shoulders and upper chest, brushing towards the lymph nodes in the armpits.  Avoid the very sensitive areas of the chest and face. 

Brush over your back and finish by brushing the abdomen in clockwise motions.

Your body beautiful routine in 4 easy steps:

    1. Give yourself a stimulating body brushing
    2. Apply Exfoliating Body Crème (at least twice a week)
    3. Finish your shower with a cold rinse to stimulate blood flow
    4. Apply Contour & Sculpt Body Lotion

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